Steve Hildebrand zpívá anglické písničky pro děti. Jsou to ty, které slýcháváte při výuce angličtiny v Aaadě. Steve Hildebrand zpívá písničky, která vás naučí anglicky.

Step 3 in the series Stevie Rue's Songs for Teaching English ©2005 Steve A. Hildebrand and Aaada - - All rights reserved vocals + guitar Steve A. Hildebrand, guitar Simona Markova, recorded at Landscape Studios, Brandys nad Labem, CZ

Song list

Seznam písniček

01 There's a Scarecrow
02 Three Apples
03 Mama's Little Baby
04 Mama's Little Baby Makes Fruit Salad
05 I'm Climbing Like a Monkey
06 It's Raining
07 Oh, Autumn Leaves are Falling
08 It's Snowing
09 Where is the Church?
10 We're Going Over There
11 You Get the Basket
12 Fire!
13 The Sun Needs Something to Shine On
14 It Takes All Kinds of People
15 Little Red Train
16 Sally Sails
17 Buy It!
18 I Love Chocolate
19 Oh, Mother, It's You
20 A Tisket, A Tasket
21 Small People Can't Say I'm Sorry
22 Peas, Please
23 I Like Rice
24 The Earth is a Paradise Island
25 All We've Got to Do
26 The Sun's Just About to Come Out
27 Float Like a Butterfly
28 Everybody has a Story
29 It's a Mystery to Me
30 Sunday, Monday
31 You Could Do Anything
32 I've Been Working
33 I Love the Mountains
34 Give Me Space
35 I'm Oh So Slow
36 She's a Pretty Little Puppy
37 American Dream
38 We Shall Overcome
39 You Used to be a Baby
40 Down in the Valley
41 From This Valley
42 You Are Our Baby
43 When You're Sad, Child
44 Catch a Falling Star
45 Go to Sleep
46 One Hundred Years