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Omlouváme se, ale tato stránka je k dispozici pouze v angličtině.

Learning language is social

Steve Hildebrand is a teacher, singer and songwriter who enjoys the challenge of introducing young children to the joy of singing his English language songs as he sings and plays along on his guitar. Performing as Stevie Rue, young and old are taken along on a carefree and fun-filled journey on the path to comprehension and expression of English. ‘Songs for Teaching English’ is a series of educational materials developed at Aaada with the participation of children, parents, and teachers, produced by a group of trained professionals and seasoned artists, guided by a pedagogical rigor inspired by Verna Hildebrand, PhD who has been the author of numerous textbooks on early childhood education and development used at renowned American universities. The series is available here in our online shop. It includes CDs, songbooks, a DVD and more for ages 1 through 99.

Music brings people together

Songs learned in childhood will stay with your child for life. Music reaches areas of your child's brain left untouched by other teaching tools. Teaching through music will improve a child's ability to hear, remember and reproduce new sounds. Music helps children and adults learn the language's rhythm, intonation, pronunciation and vocabulary. If you want to make English a part of your child's future, this series is for you.